Winding Tower Königsborn III/IV

Winding Tower
From 1924 to 1929 the winding tower Königsborn III/IV was planned and built. It’s an important industrial building of the twenties and became a model of the most modern winding towers of this time. The architect Alfred Fischer ranks between the most important industrial architects in the Ruhr district.

The winding tower is a singular industrial monument with a height of 68 meters. Up to a height of 55 meters you can access it on foot over stairs. The tower is arranged in the height by different levels. Each of this level offers a special and singular atmosphere.

Over eighty years the mining industry coined the life of the humans in the village, so the winding tower represents an important part of the history in Bönen.

Now, the promotion association "Förderverein Königsborn III/IV" and the Community Foundation Winding Tower (Bürgerstiftung Förderturm) are making the tower to a local point of interesting.

Facts to the winding tower and the mine Königsborn III/IV

Building shaft III
1901:Building shaft IV
1927-29:Building of the winding tower planned by Alfred Fischer
1981: Closing of the mine
1982:Tear off the buildings, the winding tower rested -
he was used to pump out water from the shaft.