The Community Foundation Winding Tower Bönen

Community Foundation
A community foundation is a foundation which is run by community members for community members. It serves as a kind of local broker for money, time, talent and ideas between individual and corporate donors on the one hand and the community and its non-profit organizations on the other.
A community foundation is a separate legally-recognized entity, operated exclusively for charitable purposes, and is independent from control or influence by other organizations, government or donors.

Newer history of the tower and the Community Foundation Winding Tower Bönen:

27. February 1990:
Entry into the monument list. The owner RAG wanted to destroy the tower.

21. February 1997:
The money for destroying the tower is now used for saving the building
IBA-boss Professor Ganser, suggested further steps for preservation. The RAG is still the owner of the tower.

November 1999:
On 7th of August 1999, Mischa Kuball presented the light art Yellow Marker planned by himself. Spontaneously, 35 people of the village Bönen created a promotion association for the winding tower Königsborn III/IV, and the project "Förderturm" goes on.

The LEG becames the new owner of the tower - still under the control of the RAG, because methane gas is leaking out of the shaft.

The Community Foundation Winding Tower Bönen (Bürgerstiftung Förderturm Bönen) is created and now responsible for the preservation.

2004 until now:
The tower is used for different cultural purposes like concerts, musicals, cabaret, cinema, parties and much more.

Please feel free to help by spending time or money or just book a guided tour through the winding tower with a fantastic view around from the 55-m-level.

More Information by info@foerderturm-boenen.de